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The health issue is always a priority for any community. Therefore, the discovery of community health needs and efforts to address these needs and the use of expert and efficient staff in the health system and the provision of educational opportunities with the individual’s activities field have an effective role in achieving society health goals.
Due to the place of physicians, dentists, nurses, midwives and paramedics in the health system and assuming various professional roles and responsibilities in health centers, the acquisition of knowledge and technical skills related to the field of activity of these people is a particular importance.
Accordingly, the Educational Deputy of TUMS Branch of ACECR as one of the scientific bases of Iran and in line with the policies of the health system development plan has always tried to design and present different educational courses in accordance with the needs of the community. In addition to the transfer of upgraded medical knowledge, also it influences the empowerment of specialists directly related to the health of the people.
Since 1981, following the need of the community for first aid experts on the fronts, the educational deputy of TUMS Branch of ACECR, with the goal of training people for first aid and help was established.
Therefore, with the need for the presence of health experts, the focus was on the community’s knowledge, skills, and health professionals.
Dynamic, pioneer and Innovative in Creating Healthy LifeHealthy living: enjoying life with complete physical, mental, spiritual and social comfort.
1. Providing short-term educational services in the field of health in order to meet community health needs, with emphasis on skills training to provide professional and semi-professional people who directly related to community health.
Designing and developing new software and training methods according to the needs of the community.
2.Providing the necessary fields for participation and cooperation with other organizations, institutes, and universities in order to identify and meet the mutual needs and provide them with scientific and specialized services.
3.Participating in the dissemination of authoritative scientific resources and the sharing of national science production.
4.Entering the international arena and expanding international relations in the field of education.
Improving the level of knowledge, insight, and skills of learners through:
– Providing educational services with emphasis on advanced, applied and advanced specialized training
– Skillful and professional ability by modern educational training in the national and international education and health-related fields.
– Creativity and Innovation
– Teamwork
– Conscience
– Responsiveness
Main fields of the educational deputy activity
The main fields of the Educational Deputy activity as a specialized training center for short-term skills are :
– Design, compilation, and holding of specialized specialist medical, dental, nursing and – – -paramedical groups.
– Design, compilation, and holding of general skills courses
– Producing educational content
– Deputy of Education
Organization chart

Educational Centers

Medicine/Nursing educational center:  Dr. Gharib St., the intersection of Dr. Gharib and Forsat St., No.5, Tel:86785
Public health educational center: Enghelab St., East of Shohadaye Gendarmery St., No., 75, Tel:66479520
Dentistry educational center: No.1, Sheikh Morad Ali alley, Falahatpour street, Satarkhan
Part II:Work experience of Educational Deputy and organizational contracts of the Deputy of Education of TUMS Branch of ACECR
Training Courses of Educational Deputy of TUMS Branch of ACECR
Specialized Training
Medical Courses
Start date: 2012   Course duration: 508 h
Genetic counseling
Start date: 2012   Course duration: 260 h
Practical Massage Therapy and Sports Massage
Start date: 2017    Course duration: 45 h
Pain management
State date :2017   Course duration:130 h
Dental  Courses
Initial implant
Start date: 2008    Course duration: 120 h
Advanced implant
Start date: 2008    Course duration: 80 h
Start date: 2008       Course duration: 120 h
Start date: 2008    Course duration: 120 h
Start date: 2008    Course duration: 40 h
Start date: 2008   Course duration: 60 h
Start date: 2018   Course duration: 40 h
AAID (Maxi Course in Implantology)
Start date: 2011    Course duration: 300 h
Nursing – midwifery Course
Pregnancy Preparation ( Physiology Delivery )
Start date : 2012   Course duration : 60 h
Nursing Specialized Training Courses
Start date: 2007     Course duration: 60 h
Start date: 2007    Course duration: 60 h
Wound Management
Start date: 2017   Course duration: 130h
Skill Training
First aid and Medical Emergencies
Start date: 1983    Course duration: 60 h
Emergency Rescuer (licensed by the Ministry of Health)
Start date: 2008    Course duration : 80 h
Healthcare in disease courses
Start date: 1998   Course duration : 22 h
Pharmacy Technician
Start date: 2011   Course duration: 75 h
Dental Hygienist
 – General courses
Start date: 2008     Course duration: 160 h
 – Special courses
Start date: 2015    Course duration: 30 h
Start date: 2015   Course duration: 30 h
Start date: 2015   Course duration: 30 h
   –Dental Molding Workshop
Start date: 2017   Course duration: 4 h
Infection Control Workshop
Start date: 2017   Course duration: 4h
Repair of Medical Equipment
Start date: 2007   Course duration: 16 to 20h
– Dental Equipment Repair
– Imaging Equipment Repair
– General Equipment and Operating Rooms Repair
– Laboratory Equipment repair
– Public Electronics
– AVR microcontrollers
– Principles of Trading in Medical Equipment
– Calibration of Medical Equipment Board
Organizational Contracts of Educational Deputy of Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Hospital Contracts
In pursuit of health promotion and accreditation, ACECR Educational Deputy of TUMS branch, as one of the scientific centers in Tehran, Iran, has started its cooperation in training medical staff of hospitals, especially nurses since 2013. This center is proud of having educational cooperation with more than 20 hospitals in holding workshops and training courses :
Course duration: 20 to 50h
Course duration: 20h
Nursing Management
Course duration: 40h
CPR Workshop
Course duration: 8h
Infant CPR Workshop
Course duration: 8h
ECG Interpretation Workshop
Course duration: 8h
Workshop for interpretation of CT and Grapy
Course duration: 6h
BLS ( Basic Life Support)
duration : 6h
Communication and Behavioral Skills Workshop Course
duration: Variable
Course duration: 6h
Risk , crisis, and patient safety Management
Course duration: Variable
Pharmaceutical Computing
Course duration: 6h
Medical Misconduct with Retraining Score/Rating (Department of Medicine and Nursing)
Course duration: 8h
Infant CPR with Retraining Score/Rating (Department of Medicine and Nursing)
Course duration: 8h
Emergency Midwifery with Retraining Score/Rating (Department of Medicine and Nursing)
Course duration: 8h
Bedsore with Retraining Score/Rating (Department of Medicine and Nursing)
Course duration: 8h
Contract with Ministry of Health and Medical Education:
Aid Scheme in Iran       Start date: 2012      Course duration: 6h
Practical Nurse   Start date: 2016      Course duration: 1080h
Contract with Deputy of Aerospace:
Medical assistant    Start date: 2017    Course duration: 36h
Contract with Red Crescent :
First aid trainer and rescuer training course
Start date: 2014     Course duration: 60h