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Fixed Prosthodontics

This course has been hold in a pre-clinical area that has mini-units and will provide the necessary equipment for practical workshops.
• Diagnosis and design of fixed prosthodontics treatment
• Clinical points in diagnosis/appropriate treatment and referral methods for post treatment
• Post indication
• Casting post
• Metal prefabricated post
• Fiber post
• Multi fabric posts
• Related tips of tooth preparation
• Tooth preparation
• Ending preparation
• Indication of ending lines
• Tooth extraction workshop (hands on)
• Molding materials
• Molding techniques
• Molding workshop (hands on)
• Porcelain in fixed prosthesis
• Forming anterior porcelain
• Porcelain problems, cracks, fractures and ways to prevent and correct it
• Occlusion
• Anterior and Posterior teeth occlusion alignment
• Ceramic
• All kind of ceramics
• Clinical and laboratory problems
• Cement
• Types of cement and the usage of fixed prosthesis treatment
• TMD problems
• Night guard

Course Duration:
45 h and it will be hold in 5 consecutive days
Having a dentistry degree from a reputable university of origin country is requirement or participants have to present a certificate that represents they are dentists or dentistry students.