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Rotary Endodontics

This course has been hold in a pre-clinical area that has mini-units and will provide the necessary equipment for practical workshops.

Course scheduling:

  • Diagnosis and treatment plans of Endodontics
  • Important and practical points in radiography and clinical treatments
  • Access cavity
  • New principles of access cavity
  • Demonstration workshop for access cavity
  • Methods and techniques of effective analgesia
  • Demonstrate the theoretical education of rotary and reciprocal systems
  • with the available sequences of rotary files
  • Effective points for preparing canals in the root of the teeth
  • Different techniques for preparing canals
  • Comprehensive evaluation of rotary and reciprocal
  • Rotary practical workshop
  • Comprehensive evaluation of Apex finder system
  • Rotary workshop (hands on)
  • Apex finder workshop (hands on)
  • Obturation, evaluation of modern obturation system
  • Problems during treatment
  • Important and relevant tips for removal clinical problems
  • MTA, clinical application of MTA ,MTA plug
  • Retreatment and practical methods to get the ideal treatment and evaluation of the material and instruments in retreatment
  • practical points applied for successful rotary systems
  • Reciprocal/apex locator
  • Demonstration of smart Endodontic motor
  • Apex locator
  • Dental canal preparation in rotary files
  • Acrylic block
  • show all steps simultaneously with four macroscopic cameras
  • participants work with smart Endodontic motor, Acrylic block files and work on crush teeth with apex locator

Course Duration:

 45 h and it will be hold in 5 consecutive days.


Having a dentistry degree from a reputable university of origin country is requirement or participants have to present a certificate that represents they are dentists or dentistry students.